Endurance Baking for the Office Cake Sale

Mindful of the fact that I still have some way to reach my £5,000 target, I decided to have a cake sale at work to help move funds along. Now, for someone who doesn’t eat cake, this can be a little tricky. I have no idea whether what I am baking tastes good, or whether everyone is just being polite.

Getting the cake sale together was a bit like an endurance event in itself. With no car in London, I had to hike home three times with cake ingredients strapped to my back in my faithful rucksack. Then there was the preparation…

…I was up baking until around midnight on the Wednesday night and on Thursday night I started baking at 7pm through to 3am Friday morning, then up again at 6am for a jaunt to Tescos (thank goodness for 24 hour opening!) to buy some more icing ingredients as I’d miscalculated quantities. All the while I had to keep the kitchen door closed to avoid setting off the fire alarm so considered this to be part of my heat acclimatisation training. If this doesn’t qualify for endurance baking, I’m not sure what does.

Caught a taxi to work and prayed that the cakes would survive the driver failing to slow down over the speed humps (they did). There was no time to relax as no sooner had I arrived, it was time to set up the cakes. I could barely open a tin before I had colleagues hovering round wishing to buy, but I wanted to save something for the sale.

I baked 48 muffins, flapjack, rocky road, two lots of cookies and several sponge cakes and four of my colleagues chipped in.

It was hard work, but the effort paid off. I raised £221 towards my fundraising total and thankfully everyone seems to have survived the experience. However, I don’t think I’ll be baking for a little while as the sweet smell of cake managed to linger around the flat for a few days after the event.

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