A Week of Lasts

I’ve been so busy at work these past two weeks and rushing around with one last push on the fundraising front that, although I’ve managed to get all my kit together in one place, as of yet I haven’t had time to condense it down and pack it. By Friday evening I was totally exhausted, but had to throw everything into a case and haul it back to Birmingham to pack at home, arriving late. Sleep has also been an issue (or lack  of) as my brain has been working overtime with all the things I need to sort out.

This was a week of lasts before I go.

I had my last hill training session on the Saturday 19 March at Greenwich Park. The uphills went really well and I was hardly out of puff, but to protect my ITB bands I walked down the hills. My fellow club mates wished me well as I said goodbye.

Sunday 20 March was my last long training session. Again, to protect my ITB bands, I went for a 3-hour cycle out passed Orpington to Chelsfield and back. Sometimes I forget that cycling is my first love and it was good to be back in the saddle travelling along at speed.

Last training session

This week was also my last week of training with David Crottie who runs Body Reform, based at the Reebok Gym in Canary Wharf, London. David’s an excellent instructor who knows his stuff (he specialises in endurance sports and I have to thank him for making space in his diary to personally train me) and I’ve never trained at a better equipped gym than this one. Thursday was our last session together. Although I came to David with only 11 weeks before the race, he’s pushed me to achieve the best results that I can in the time we’ve had available. I’m going to miss those 7am sessions!

I’m confident that I’ve done as much training as I can with the time I’ve had available and with the injuries I’ve picked up along the way. There’s always a wish to have done more, but now’s the time to ease up a little and relax (as best as I can) for the race ahead.

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