Run to Church Lawford – 20 February 2011

Friday was another scoot around the Isle of Dogs and a run back to the flat in Ladywell. I still didn’t feel like I was firing on all cylinders on the Saturday so continued to listen to my body. I’m beginning to realise that the more I train the more I’m in tune with my body’s requirements, whether it’s rest or lots of food, and it pays to listen.

I travelled back home to Birmingham on the Saturday and did a bit of catching up. On Sunday, feeling relatively revived after easing up on the training for a week or so, I ran to Church Lawford to visit my brother and his family.

The run started relatively well and I had a decent pace going. However, about 2 hours in I had a pinching sensation on the side of my right knee and also in the right hip flexor – my hamstring had overtightened. Very unpredictable – I’ve never had this problem before. It wasn’t so bad when I was running along, but stopping and then getting going again proved quite painful. I made it most of the way to Church Lawford, but towards the end was reduced to a walk.

Twice a car passed me bibbing its horn, which I dutifully ignored wondering who the heck would do that. My brother, Ian, pulled alongside with his two children in the backseats. I declined the offer of a lift back to his, but 10 minutes later I was on the mobile asking to be picked up as the hamstring was really tight and by now I was starting to turn purple with cold. I thawed out at Ian’s with a cup of coffee and said hello to baby Sophia, now 19 weeks old, before heading off back to London for work on Monday.

Not such a successful run – this is a new injury on me, but it should be one I can sort with massage and a foam roller (although the very thought of the foam roller brings tears to my eyes – far more painful than bunion surgery, but needs must).

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