The Other Big Day

Marathon des Sables is only one month and 19 days away now, but today was the other big day – my 40th (ssshhh!)

I’d booked the day off work as I couldn’t really contemplate working today. I peered out from under the duvet at 5.45 am. Thankfully, despite hitting my fourth decade, the world hadn’t stopped turning overnight and everything was still as it should be.

Greenwich Park Deer Enclosure

I pottered around until 8 am, then headed off for Greenwich Park via Lewisham. Legs are still in a bit of a sulk with me and bruise on left thigh has now come out – what a shiner! Ran past the deer enclosure – I used to come here with my grandparents when I was little. Completed a loop round the park (hello hills) and finished the loop with a cup of tea and flapjack at the cafe by the Observatory. Before getting too cosy, it was off again, this time across Blackheath and down into Lewisham. An hour and a half’s worth of running. A quick jump in the shower before heading out for the day to go sightseeing.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday by card, phone, text, Facebook and email and to my lovely nephew, Harry, for leaving a happy birthday message on my phone. All gratefully received.

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