The Day After the Day After and Tuesday’s Workout

It’s not always the first day after a heavy bout of exercise that gets you – it’s often the day after, and Monday was no exception. My legs felt so sapped of energy I decided to give them a mini-break. I’d also succeeded in walking into a filing cabinet in the office at full pelt, giving myself a 4-inch bruise just on the left thigh muscle, resulting in a dead leg sensation (not deliberate, I promise).  No exercise for Goldthorp today.

Tuesday was a different story…

I went to the gym for 7am, donned my now customary 10kg vest and caught up with David my London-based trainer, who’s helping me get over the hump of these last few weeks until the race. I did a bit of abs and leg work, but the bulk of today’s session concentrated on the arms and shoulders (legs were grateful, arms and shoulders not so). Lots and lots of endurance exercises raising weights up and down over my head or otherwise holding them out in front of me whilst jogging round. I’m not normally a noisy person in the gym, but today I was definitely grunting (much to my embarrassment) as it was the only way to get through the various sets.

Gym session done, I finished off today’s training with a lunchtime run around the Isle of Dogs. Poor legs – they really are feeling it today. I keep on telling them (yep, as if legs have ears) that there’s only another six weeks of training left so they just have to hang on in there.


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