The Brit Awards (No Red Carpet, I’m Afraid)

I gave myself Valentine’s Day off as still feeling a little worn out, but resumed gym training bright and early on Tuesday morning, followed by a lunchtime jaunt around the Isle of Dogs and lactic acid training in the evening with the Serpentine Club.

The Serpentine session was meant to be “ladder” training at 10k pace: 6 minutes running x 2 with 60 seconds rest between, then 5 minutes running x 2 with 50 seconds rest between and so on down to 2 minutes x 2. We meet down by the O2 arena in North Greenwich. However, we hadn’t accounted for the Brit Awards at the O2 interrupting our training. Our usual running route was blocked off to allow Brit guests to embark / disembark from the Thames so we had to make do by running a series of short loops. Sadly, I can report that I didn’t even get a glimpse of a celeb, but the training session went well just in case you were wondering.

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