On the Mend (Fingers Crossed)

This was the first week back at work following the week-long Christmas shutdown period. The week started with a trip to the physio to check my Achilles’ progress. My injury, peritendinitis (inflammation of the sheath covering the Achilles) seemed to be settling down. Just as well as Marathon des Sables is not too far off now.

I threw myself back into the gym, like many other people whose new year resolution, presumably, like many others was to get fit. This meant that the gym was more crowded than usual. This week I did a couple of abs sessions and gym sessions, a speed session, a couple of lunchtime runs around the Isle of Dogs and ran home a couple of times. The weight is yo-yoing a bit at the moment, probably as I’m not able to ramp up my exercise too much in case I set my Achilles off again, so I’m going to have to keep an eye on that. I was disappointed I was unable to run in the annual 30-mile Winter Tanners run, organised by the Surrey Long Distance Walkers’ Association, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt is that with the high level of exercise I’m putting my body through, injuries cannot be ignored. As a small compensation, I ran up and down the hills of Greenwich Park. In any event, I need to save myself for the Country to Capital run next weekend.

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