New Year, New Vigour!!

I admit that I have been guilty of wallowing a little of late. My physio advised that I had to rest my left Achilles a little longer, which has been really frustrating, and I’ve been trying to see off the last remnants of the hacking cough for some while. My left foot was taped up for five days to give the Achilles a bit of a rest, which appears to have eased it up a little. There’s no great pain, just an irritation in the tendon and the surrounding sheath when I exercise.

Knowing how everyone is full of good intentions on 1st January, I refrained from going off at great guns that day. However, come 2nd January I felt ready to gear up again with the training and the tape came off the foot! I began the day tentatively by stepping on the scales to see how much weight I’d gained while my training had been light and over  the Christmas period – 1.5 pounds. Not great, but not as bad as I’d feared. I’m still down in London with work, so jumped on my bicycle and headed off to the gym. Normally it’s a bit rushed as I have to fit in my sessions before work, but today I was able to complete the session properly in an hour and a half. Running on the treadmill between sets happily didn’t cause my Achilles any problem, then I cycled home. All in all, 1.5 hours weights and an hour’s cycle. Not bad at all.

In the evening I called my friend Clare in Ireland. Clare, together with her daughter and friends, has kindly organised two cake sales in recent months to help with my fundraising and is now looking to plan a quiz night as well. I am truly grateful to Clare for her support and equally touched by the generosity of her friends and neighbours who I haven’t even met, but who are happy to help with my fundraising. It’s acts of kindness like this that help me on my way when the training feels a bit hard going. Thank you all.

And finally, my resolution for the New Year? – To promise to keep my blog up-to-date!

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