Change of Training Tack

I have to admit, I started this week very tired from last week’s exertions. Again, I did a couple of intense gym sessions and also a couple of lunchtime runs. I also did a speed session on Tuesday night. However, I had a little twinge in my Achilles so decided to play it safe the rest of the week in case I had a further setback. So close to my big race, I can’t afford to have any more downtime.

I’ve already got a foam roller to try and release my muscles, but sometimes when everything’s tight, rolling over it simply brings tears to my eyes, so I’ve treated myself to something called a “stick” – a bit like a long rolling pin – to roll over my legs. I also dropped a line to my fellow ultrarunner, Israel Archuletta, to find out how if he had any tips as he runs an ultramarathon distance every week. Top tip was to cut back on the speed work – ultrarunning is more about endurance. It seemed to make sense. The speed sessions I do are aimed at running your 10k pace, which is always going to be quicker than your 30 mile pace. Armed with this information, I’m going to see if the theory holds up and cut back on my speed training for a few weeks, but keep with the hill training. Thanks, Israel.

I gave my legs a bit of a rest today and went on a two-hour cycle run. I decided to cycle to Tonbridge in Kent (33 miles). However, either the last time I cycled this route 10 years ago I was more foolhardy, or the road layout has changed. Either way, I didn’t fancy cycling along a 60-mile per hour road so turned off and cycled closer to home. I cycled through Chislehurst, then Bickley (a great hill in both directions and I stayed on the bike uphill)  and on to Bromley (my birthplace, although I’ve got no recollection of it). I treated the ride as a bit of a recce for somewhere new to run. After a quick “comfort break” in Tescos, it was back in the saddle to head back to the flat. Feet up for a couple of hours before getting ready for the week ahead.

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