It’s Snow Good!!

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park overlooking Canary Wharf

I’ve had to ease up on the training for a couple of weeks as I’ve managed to aggravate my left tendon and also spent last week fighting off a hacking cough and raised temperature (on the bright side, it’s saved on having to put on the heating!). However, having learnt that running in snow is a close simulation for running on sand, I decided to give it a go today.

The Royal Observatory at Greenwich Park

The Royal Observatory at Greenwich Park

I’m down in London for the weekend, so ran from Ladywell, via Lewisham and on to Greenwich Park around 7.45 am. I was surprised there wasn’t anybody out sledging – perhaps it was too early! Did a couple of laps around Greenwich Park and then tackled a few mini hills and powered my way to the top. Certainly running in snow does slow you down with the extra friction, whether it’s the light fluffy stuff or the heavily compacted matter, so from that perspective I suspect that it is similar to running in sand. Once I’d finished conquering the hills of Greenwich Park, I headed off to Blackheath and back into Lewisham before ending up at Ladywell again. Have finished thawing out my toes, so about to head out again to brave the Christmas hordes and go gift shopping. Wish me luck!

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