After Nottingham, a quiet month

After the Nottingham Ultra, unfortunately my training had to take a back seat for a while. The reason? I was in the thick of completing my dissertation for my masters degree. I’d already deferred my dissertation for 12 months from the previous year, and this really was my one and only attempt to submit it and, as they say, failure was not an option. I couldn’t face going through another 12 months of study.

I managed to keep up my lunchtime running with my colleague, James, and a few lunchtime abs classes and training sessions, but nothing too hardcore. However, as September wore on, and the submission deadline at the end of the month loomed ever nearer, everything else other than work was put on hold and sleep became  increasingly compromised, with all my energies focussed on my studies. I made the deadline, although by that stage I was finding it hard to decide whether what I’d written made any sense. Yes, I know that this is probably not the way to do things, but I perform best like this. However, as you’d expect, with the dissertation in and the pressure now off, I picked up a bug and needed a couple of weeks  of downtime to get over the mental and physical exertion of it all, but after three years of part-time study it was finally bloody in, and what a relief!

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