Busy week and celebrity spotting

Now that I have my media launch under my belt, it was back on with the training. This was a very busy week and I managed to accomplish all my training targets: 2 bouts down the gym (which I love), 3 runs home with backpack (also good, as my times are improving) and an hour on the treadmill (not my favourite part of training, but have promised that I will learn to love it!) I also managed running club in the week and,  as I was in London for the weekend, hill training on the Saturday – 24 times up and down hills of varying incline and length. I’m much better on the short steep hills requiring explosive leg power (thanks to all that netball practice). On the way down one hill, had to do a double-take as I passed John Partridge, aka Eastender’s character “Christian Clarke” out walking his dog. Of course, ever the athlete, pretended that I hadn’t noticed him and carried on. It was all rounded off with a 20-mile run out to Erith and back on the Sunday. I felt on top of the world.

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