(The) Talking Bull…

Eyes wide shut! - Photo by Andy Parish

No running today as this marked the start of official promo week for my fundraising now that my website is up and running (thanks, Erica!). The Birmingham Post sent round a photographer in the morning to take a few shots for their article – thankfully the hairdresser’s opened at 8am, so was able to get the locks under control. Spent about 30 minutes running up and down while he took some shots and then did some close-ups with me in a slightly cheesy pose with my size 9 trainers (yes, I know I’ve got big feet!) round by my ears. Guess which picture made the article?!

In the afternoon, met up with my friends Petra and Andy so that Andy could take some further photos to add to my website, which I promise to do once I’ve figured out how to make the file size smaller. Andy took loads of pictures with me doing my warm-up routine using various city landmarks for support. Thank goodness for digital cameras – I still flinch when either the flash or shutter goes off so in a lot of shots my eyes were closed. In the end, I had to open my eyes on the count of three. We ended up at the Bullring with me posing with the Bull. Somewhere amongst the crowd there was a man and a microphone pretending to be the voice of the Bull. Every time I tried to pose with the Bull, he said “now what’s she doing?” That’s why if you look carefully in the pics you can see that I’m trying hard not to laugh.

A bull with a sense of humour - Photo by Andy Parish

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