Sunday’s Car Boot Sale

This weekend was pretty full on in terms of preparing for Sunday’s car boot sale. Managed to squeeze in a 13-mile run on Saturday morning and shaved 8 minutes off my original time before crawling around in the loft to bring down the stuff I’d been hoarding for yonks and spending the afternoon and evening sorting it all out.

We had to get up really early for the car boot sale on Sunday – 4.45am!! No fun at that time of day trying to be chirpy.

We did better than I hoped and raised £125.55. Thank you to everyone who bought something and to those who didn’t, but still donated to my fundraising efforts too. Thank you also to my lovely neighbours who donated items for me to sell to boost my fundraising efforts.

We packed up at noon, but there was no time to go home and catch up on zzzZZZzzzs. It was a case of drop everything off and go out again to go to my nephew’s 6th birthday party with 30 very excited (and noisy) little guests.

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