BBC Radio WM Interview

I had a really good day. I’d been invited to appear on the “Mornings with Joanne Malin” show on BBC Radio WM. I jogged into the radio station (naturally) and made myself at home in the BBC cafe and also familiarised myself with the loo thanks to a bout of radio nerves, but I was determined not to let them get in the way of getting my message across. It wasn’t so much the going on air, but rather knowing that my family and neighbours were all tuning in. My voice came over all deep too! However, Joanne put me at ease and my 10 minute slot was over in next to no time. I would like to say that I jogged home too, but afraid that I caught the train so that I could get home and spend some time playing with the dogs in the garden for the afternoon.

If you missed the broadcast, you can listen to the interview by following the link below. Happy listening!

BBC WM Interview

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