Inspiration from Chris McDougall – Bare foot running

I am training 6 days a week now – a split between short blasts, tempo runs, weight training and a longer run at weekends.

To inspire me in my training, I went to hear Chris McDougall speak about his book “Born to Run.” The book is a complete page-turner and covers the build up to a 50-mile race between several ultra distance running champions and members of the Tarahumara tribe,  considered to be the greatest natural runners in the world (I won’t spoil the ending!).  The book also examines why we were born to run barefoot (don’t think I’ll test this theory out on hot sand) and over distance.

Chris was a man big in stature and in heart and after his talk spent an hour or so taking questions from the audience and staying behind to talk to people individually. I came away from the event feeling uplifted and looking forward to getting all those miles under my belt.

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